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Arts practices offer perspective, grounding and enjoyment to the emotional work of psychotherapy.  I created and organized the curriculum used in the PHP and IOPs at UCSF to include a variety of current topics and hands-on activities to address the diverse needs of acute patients.  My psycho-educational experience spans fifteen years and includes approaches such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and other science, backed topics such as self-compassion, building connection, optimism, gratitude, and forgiveness.

I am available for...

Discover expressive arts integrations to deepen your therapeutic connections with individual clients or groups.

Are you accruing supervised hours toward your MFT license?  You’ll receive personal and practical guidance to effectively begin your practice in agencies or private practice.  

Enliven your conference or team with a workshop addressing a topic in psychology through an arts practice lens.

My Presentations

Expressive Arts Consultation


Therapies Summit- Online

UCSF Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Repeated this presentation at the Western Sydney Local Health District in Australia

Some conference/workshop participants have said...

"Great presentation with active engagement of participants. The experiential part and sharing really helped to ground the concepts in the body and help to shift the energy. Very useful for clinical practice."

"There was such spaciousness, genuineness, and opportunities to share. Probably one of the most healing experiences of the conference so far."

"This was an incredible workshop that gave me deep insight into an important theme for me and actual methods of what to do. Not only was this profound for me but I can also do this with clients or in a group. The facilitators are EXCELLENT- present, in-tune, and the workshop had a perfect pace to it. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and please keep doing what you are doing!!! <3"

Find contentment again!

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You can also reach me at [email protected] or by leaving a text or voicemail at 415 940 3881.