Are you hard on yourself as a parent or family member?
Do you hold back from loved ones or struggle to accomplish things?

It doesn't have to be this way.

You’ve been struggling for a long time and you can change. 

Opening up can feel uncomfortable, but therapy can help you to a better path.
I’d like to help you see beyond this difficult moment. I’d love to help you enjoy your life more.

You can get unstuck and connect to creativity​

Learn techniques to pause and better observe your responses to stress with Melissa Craven Therapy.

Melissa Craven Therapy helps you identify values and priorities to live your best life.

Use science-backed strategies to effect change in your relationships, work, and hobbies.


“Our call to courage is to protect our wild heart against constant evaluation, especially our own.

No one belongs here more than you.”


-Brené Brown

Melissa Craven

About Melissa Craven, MA, MFT, PMH-C

Over the past 15 years, I have found skills and art practices to help calm, inspire, and enjoy life more. My psychotherapy practice is online and I am licensed throughout the state of California.

I am certified as a Perinatal Mental Health Provider (PMH-C).  I have fifteen years of experience helping patients to recover from moderate to severe mood symptoms and to more creatively participate in their lives.  

Are you hindered by self-doubt, comparison, or social anxiety?


Anxiety helps motivate us, but too much anxiety can hinder us in many areas of life.  You’ll practice skills to calm and better understand worries.


Do you lay awake at night, ruminating about mistakes or worrying about the future?   You’ll work through strategies for nourishing sleep.

Relationship Issues

Do you feel distant from friends and family? Does self-doubt get in the way of making requests or setting boundaries?  You’ll learn tools for effective self-expression.

Perinatal, Parenting

As a parent or parent-to-be, you are more vulnerable to overwhelming emotions and self-criticism. In this time of adjustment, there is so much possibility.  Let’s tap into your strengths.

How I can help you feel inspired

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One-on-One Online Therapy

When we’re really struggling, our loved ones can’t always provide the support we need.  You’re courageously considering making a change.  Let’s collaborate to regain your flow.  The cost for individual, 50-minute sessions is $185

Walk and Talk

Are you someone who thinks on your feet or feels more comfortable sharing while moving? You may benefit from walk and talk therapy sessions. The cost for individual, 50-minute, walk-and-talk therapy is $210.

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Expressive Arts Group Therapy

Do you feel stuck in your struggles with anxiety or depression?  Experience the power and inspiration of the group while applying arts practices to calm, gain perspective, and re-engage with your life.  The fee for this 2-hour, weekly group therapy is $150 ($75/hour).

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Consultations about a Specific Topic/Project

Are you hoping to reach clients in a different mode?  Tune up your practice by learning my arts-based approach to Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  I have 15 years of experience working as an expressive arts therapy consultant for psychiatrists and therapists and I created and organized the curriculum for the PHP/IOP at UCSF.  I have presented at multiple conferences as well as UCSF grand rounds. The cost for consultation/presentations is $150/hour of work.


I love consulting with other care providers to help enliven the practice of therapy!

Some of my clients and colleagues have said:

Melissa is a very talented therapist. I am always impressed at how well she actively listens and is able to respond back to me in meaningful, thoughtful ways. I greatly appreciate that she remembers all the little details of things I shared months ago. Moreover, she shares relevant and useful resources freely. She's helped me so much since I've been working with her. I super extra love when we do creative mental activities and her approach using internal family systems therapy has been a life changer. She's so skilled and I'm very thankful that I get to work with her.
Long-Term Client
"Melissa has a wonderful way of facilitating groups. She's able to hold the group in a way that one feels emotionally safe, heard, and not judged but also keeps room for play and laughter. Melissa holds the rare ability to hold the hard stuff and invite playfulness too. I've experienced her facilitating style in a workshop setting. She is able to expertly guide her participants through expressive arts experiences that are not only fun but insightful. I can't recommend Melissa highly enough."
Group Participant
"I am a psychiatrist and clinical director who has known Melissa and her work closely for more than a decade. Melissa does excellent work and I trust her and recommend her without hesitation as a skilled and devoted therapist. She will support and be there for you throughout your journey in therapy."​
Psychiatrist Colleague

Find contentment again

Are you ready to take charge of your relationships & happiness?

You can also reach me at [email protected] or by leaving a voicemail or text message at 415 940 3881.